Barangaroo Basement Handed over on time!

All credit to Dave Condon, Shane Morrissey and the entire project team.

• the work was delivered in 3 stages,
• over 46 weeks,
• with 150,000t of contaminated material transported and disposed,
• and safe management of the contaminated environment,
• Top-down construction – a first for this type of work in Australia (most likely the southern hemisphere!)
• We designed and developed a bespoke ventilation system that provided fresh air and filtered the exhaust.
• Containerised transport of contaminated material from a CBD bulk excavation – another industry first.

One individual doesn’t make this happen, it takes a team. Well done to all on taking a massive step for the Ward business. The industry was watching on and you have delivered in spades (well….. in containers!!)

Special thanks go to the Lendlease project team for providing us with this massive challenge to demonstrate Ward’s capability and for their support throughout.

Onwards and upwards!