Barangaroo Project Stage 2 completion party


Between mid Feb ’18 and last week our Barangaroo project team has completed the following;

  • Supply and install 2No. cladded Gantry sheds above the excavation site,
  • Supply, install and commission 2No. overhead cranes capable of lifting 45t containers,
  • Install and commission ventilation and odour control system
  • Lower the site water table by 4-5m to allow excavation work to proceed in the dry
  • Break up and remove 7,000m2 of 200mm thick concrete blinding slab
  • Excavation and removal of 20,000m3 of ACM impacted GSW from RL 0 to -3
  • Break back of 150m3 of concrete, including sawing and hammering
  • Demolition of existing slabs within the new building core
  • Supply and installation of 120m of 1500 diameter concrete ventilation pipes below formation level for use in the next stage of the work
  • Trim and compact 7,000m2 of subgrade
  • Supply and pour 1,100m3 of blinding concrete slab.

All the above was performed below ground using top-down excavation techniques in an asbestos contaminated environment and in compliance with all statutory requirements including air monitoring, and the wearing of appropriate PPE/suits/masks.

It was a major effort by the project team, as led by Dave Condon, worked extremely hard and should be very proud of their efforts. So it’s only fair they get to kick their feet up and enjoy a few beers!