Celebrating National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week, we are delighted to announce that Ward has had a Submission for Sustainable Remediation accepted as a poster for the 2023 ECOFORUM conference.

Congratulations to Ward’s Remediation Manager Richard Giles and the Environmental team. The poster will demonstrate the successful, sustainable and complex Jackson Place Landfill Remediation project, which was undertaken within a constrained and highly sensitive site, producing an aesthetically pleasing space with high ecological and recreational values.

In other science news, one of our delivery teams has used an environmentally friendly replacement for steel reinforcement in shotcrete called BarChip R65. This material is made with recycled materials delivering savings on embodied carbon emissions, as well as savings on rehabilitation works over the life cycle of the product.

From this change, a carbon reduction of 34% was achieved across the work, including a reduction of 3873 kg CO2, which is the equivalent of 24 hours of continuous driving or a round trip to Melbourne from Sydney.