2020: Ward’s Dry Vacs in full swing

After a relaxing break, Ward are straight back into doing what we do best: delivering high-quality civil construction solutions for our clients. 

Our state-of-the-art Dry Vacs (dry vacuum excavation trucks) are no exception.

The Dry Vacs have hit the ground running, with both units already in high demand across Sydney. 

Our clients love the results our Dry Vacs deliver, including their superior environmental outcomes. They don’t require the use of high-pressure water (drought-proof!) and they don’t generate sludge waste.

The Dry Vacs have been an absolute hit at the Southern Expansion Enabling Works job at Sydney Airport, with one unit already booked out for weeks in advance. 

“If we were using a wet vac truck, we’d have to cart the sludge out to Western Sydney for disposal. With the Dry Vacs, we can reuse the fill onsite straight away. It’s great for us and the client loves it,” Project Manager Rory Kelly said.

Ward’s Dry Vacs are two of only four units currently operating in Sydney.

2020 is shaping up to be a very busy year and we are excited to see what our Dry Vacs can achieve.

More information about our Dry Vacs is available here: https://www.wardgroup.com.au/dryvacs/