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Ward has purchased 2 x new dry vacuum excavation trucks which have now landed straight off the boat from Germany. The first dry vac will be in operation next month and the second one later in September 2019. There are currently only 2 dry vac trucks in operation across all of Sydney and Ward is excited that it now has the next two.

We (and the rest of the industry) consistently require the use of non-destructive excavation trucks given we are often working around existing live services. They provide a much safer alternative to traditional excavation methods. The significant advantage of these dry vacs (compared to a traditional wet vacuum truck) is that they eliminate the use of high pressure water, which generates significant amounts of sludge waste. This is far better for the environment and means that we can cart significantly greater amounts of fill in the truck given the material is dry.

Our commitment to the safety of our workers and the environment is paramount. Not only will these dry vacs enhance these commitments, but they will provide significant time savings for our clients. We are thrilled to be such an early adopter of this fantastic new German technology.

We will be using these new dry vacs on our projects and hiring them out to the broader market. So keep your eyes peeled for the new “Ward Dry Vacs” brand driving around the streets of Sydney!