Kimbriki Clean Water Diversion System Project

It has been a busy few months for Senior PM Alan Brady and the team working on the Kimbriki Clean Water Diversion System Project. The project includes the design and construction of a network of drains surrounding the site above the active areas to divert clean water around Kimbriki.

The project achieved a milestone this week with the completion of the channel slab works.

It is a unique environment and the team now has a better understanding of how it is to be a mountain goat, as they have completed rock excavation, slope protection and channel construction works in some pretty inaccessible locations.

The Clean Water Diversion System will reduce the volume of stormwater entering the site by 80%, mitigating any risk of Kimbriki’s stormwater drains and treatment ponds overloading in big rain events.

With the support of designers GHD, the infinitely wise and seemingly ageless John Braybrooke of Douglas Partners Pty LtdShotcrete Australia and a great site crew, Alan is looking forward to completion.