Mount Victoria Safety Upgrade

Traffic Switch, Great Western Highway, Western End of Section Two

Ward is proud to announce a recent milestone in the Mount Victoria Safety Upgrade project. With the completion of the traffic switch, work can now begin on the eastbound carriageway of the Great Western Highway, the final section of the project. Despite the threat of adverse weather, the successful implementation of the traffic switch has allowed the project to advance on schedule under the guidance of Ward’s Project Manager Albert Roberson.

The reopening of the now-widened westbound carriageway has resulted in the easement of traffic congestion, with marked improvement in travel conditions between Sydney and Bathurst. Further works, including pedestrian sidewalks and newly reinforced concrete retaining walls, have contributed to the safety of the Great Western Highway, as well as increased its suitability for use by heavy vehicles and commuters alike. These safety measures have surpassed the audit requirements, thanks to the innovative work of Ward’s Plant Manager Nick Stama and our Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) team.