Barangaroo, Crown Stage 1C

670 Barangaroo

Project Name: Barangaroo, Crown Stage 1C

Client: Lendlease Building Pty Ltd

Value: $80M

Location: Gate H4, Crown Stage 1C, 29 Hickson Road, Barangaroo

Duration: 14 Months (Currently undertaking surface works, only recently made available)

Commencement: September 2017


A challenging project, undertaking 70,000 m3 of bulk excavation of contaminated material. Ward undertook the removal, by way of new excavation techniques, and responsible disposal of all waste material at offsite licensed facilities. Further work included; pile trimming, detailed excavation and concrete blinding over the 6,000 m2 footprint, across three separate bulk excavation levels. Ward’s team was led by Construction Manager Dave Condon who oversaw the projects delivery, and completed the project in the fourth quarter of 2019. Completion dates were in alignment with the original contract dates which was greatly appreciated by the client.

Scope of Works:

  • Bulk excavation of over 70,000 m3 of ACM contaminated material and the implementation/monitoring of all occupational Hygiene procedures associated with the works
  • ‘Top-Down’ methodology, excavation proceeded whilst the building was being constructed overhead
  • Concrete blinding over 6,000 m2, across 3 levels
  • Pile trimming and wall surfacing
  • Installation and maintenance of ventilation system
  • Dewatering system throughout all three stages to -RL14 (approximately)
  • Underground excavation and loading of contaminated material