Boral Moorebank Estate Remediation

Project name: Boral Moorebank Estate Remediation

Client: Boral Recycling Pty Ltd

Value: $23M

Location: Nuwarra Road (Maddecks Avenue), Moorebank

Commencement: November 2004

Duration: 12 months

Overview: the site was a former brick manufacturing facility.  The size of the site was 102ha for development into a residential subdivision for 990 houses.

Scope of works:

  • Excavation of 460,000m3 of contaminated spoil including sorting, screening and blending materials prior to re-compaction
  • Construction of temporary dam for water storage
  • Sorting and screening material contaminated by bonded asbestos and bio remediation of hydrocarbons
  • Demolish and documentation of a historical kiln located on the site
  • Environmental testing, reporting, validation reporting for audit sign off
  • Clear 7ha of trees for new road to be built