Victoria Road Widening Works

Victoria Road project

Project name: Victoria Road Gladesville Bus Priority Measures and Road Widening Works

Client: DM Roads

Value: $8M

Location: Victoria Road, Gladesville

Duration: 32 weeks

Commencement: November 2015

Overview: The project involved widening of Victoria Road to develop an additional westbound lane. RMS deemed the upgrade necessary to:

  • Widen Victoria Road, between Frank Street and Tennyson Road, Gladesville
  • Develop a westbound bus lane on the southern side on Victoria Road
  • Extension of the right turn bay into Frank Street; and
  • Appropriate provisions for a future intersection with the proposed Bunnings development, adjacent to the existing Awash property.

Scope of works:

  • Widening of the existing road corridor on the northern side of Victoria Road
  • Completion of a retaining wall and 3.0m footway along the northern side of Victoria Road for the extent of the widening works
  • Modification of the stormwater drainage network along the northern side of Victoria Road to improve flow widths and reduce flooding of adjacent properties
  • Relocation of the existing bus shelters
  • Relocation of existing utilities, including street lighting, to the new 3.0m footway
  • Revision of traffic control signal plans based on proposed intersection upgrades
  • Provision of urban and landscaping design to minimise visual impact of the proposed on the existing environment