Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works

Project Name: Parramatta Light Rail

Client: Transport for NSW

Value: $60m – $70m

Location: Parramatta

Commencement: July 2018


The purpose of the PLR Enabling Works is to minimise disruption on the flow of traffic during the construction and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail which is expected to open in 2023, this will be achieved by increasing the capacity of the following surrounding roads:

  • Diverting South bound and North bound traffic from Church Street to O’Connell Street, North of Factory Street
  • Creating additional capacity on Victoria Road and O’Connell Street Intersection (South of Factory Street)
  • Diverting west bound traffic from Macquarie Street to George Street in Parramatta CBD

The PLR Enabling Works consists of 3 separable portions:

  • Portion 1 – Macquarie Street Construction Enabling Works –includes works on George Street from O’Connell Street to Harris Street – Portion 1 is to be completed by the 27th September 2019
  • Portion 2 – Church Street Construction Enabling Works – Includes works on Church Street and O’Connell Street – Portion 2 is to be completed by the 14th January 2020
  • Portion 3 – Non-critical works – Portion 3 is to be completed by the 24th April 2020

Scope of works:

  • Design
  • Traffic management and control
  • Construction of roads, footpaths, kerb and intersection works to maintain traffic capacity
  • Concrete works
  • Utility services adjustments and relocations
  • Demolition and earthworks
  • Signage and line marking
  • Drainage Modifications
  • Urban design and landscaping
  • TCS installation/ modification
  • Protection of archaeological and historical sites
  • Removal of spoil and contamination