Joadja Road

Project Name: Joadja Rd & Hoxton Park Rd Intersection Upgrade

Client: RMS

Value: $8M

Location: Hoxton Park

Duration: 10 months

Commencement: September 2019

 Outline: This project is for the update of the intersection of Hoxton Park Road and Joadja Road and includes

  • Construction of an additional right turn lane from Hoxton Park Road to Joadja Road
  • Moving the existing bus T-Way south and adjusting the lane widths to accommodate the additional right turn lane
  • Modification of the bridge over Cabramatta Creek to suit these lane re-alignments
  • Reconstruction of the splitter island and median on Joadja Rd to accommodate the additional right turn lane
  • Modifications to the existing pedestrian crossings and kerb ramps; and
  • Modifications of traffic signals, electrical services, storm water drainage, kerbs, signposting and line marking associated with revised configuration