Royal North Shore Hospital Redevelopment

Project name: Royal North Shore Hospital Redevelopment

Client: Thiess Pty Ltd

Value: $28M

Location: Herbert Street, St Leonards

Commencement: July 2009

Duration: 2.5 years

Overview: Thiess Pty Ltd contracted Ward to do two parts of the redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital, the first being the bulk excavation of three buildings.  The size of the site was approximately 16,500m2.  The second part of the redevelopment involved the surrounding road works, including the staged construction and upgrades of new and existing roads and infrastructure in and around RNSH Community Health and Acute Building facilities.

Scope of works:

  • Two bulk excavations of 120,000m3 and 10,000m3
  • Site clearing and demolition
  • Shoring and structural piles, including anchors and shotcrete
  • Removal of contaminated materials
  • Detailed excavation, including pad footings, lift pits and crane bases
  • Installation of 1.2km of new stormwater services
  • Complete re-grading and redevelopment to over 8,500m2 of the existing Reserve Road
  • Trenching and backfilling of the new high voltage, low voltage and telecommunication services