Site 53, Sydney Olympic Park

Project Name: SOPA, Site 53

Client: Mirvac Constructions

Value: $15M

Location: 2 Fig Tree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

Duration: 10 Months

Commencement: August 2017


Sydney Olympic Park, Site 53, was completed in two separate stages: demolition, and excavation/civil works. Stage One began with the demolition and removal of existing structured on-site, including previous buildings and USTs. Once this work is completed, Stage Two begins with the bulk excavation of 90,000 mof material, across an area of 8,000 m2. Civil works continued in the second stage, with the design and construction of shoring. The shoring retention system comprised of   reinforced concrete piles, reinforced concrete capping beam, anchors and shotcrete. Upon completion of the bulk excavation we completed the detail excavation of lift pits, strip footings and pad footings. Ward completed the FRP to all the strip and pad footings which included column starter bars. Works around the perimeter of the site at ground level included slip lane construction and foundation piles/pile caps.

Scope of Works:

  • Demolition of existing 3 storey walk up buildings, including removal of USTs
  • Contamination removal through hotspot identification
  • Bulk excavation of 90,000 m, across 8,000 m2, material in the floor was Class 1 siltstone up to 50MPa in strength
  • Design and construction of shoring/retention system, using piles, anchors and shotcrete
  • Implementation of foundation piles around the perimeter of the site
  • Detail excavation for lift pits, pad footings and strip footings
  • FRP to pad and strip footings
  • Drainage layer to the floor of the excavation