Sydney Airport Pier C Sewer Main Replacement

Project name: Sydney Airport Pier C Sewer Main Replacement works

Client: SACL

Value: $1.5M

Commencement: 1 June 2017

Duration: 23 weeks

Overview: The sewer from Pier C located on the ground level of Sydney International Airport and travels through a gravity main along the Pier C ramp level till it terminates at the end of the pier to a pimp facility. The sewer system in Pier C has caused frequent issues with blockages which have been attributed to the gravity main running along the ramp level being undersized. The purpose of this project was to replace the gravity main with a new larger diameter main. Works were conducted whilst the system is live with bypass pumping during pipe construction in-between stages. Construction took place around the normal operations of the airport including baggage handlers and other airport ground service providers.

Scope of works:

  • Replacement of an existing 200m long 150mm DIA gravity sewer main with a 300mm DIA sewer
  • Instillation of 5 new pits