SACL T1 Ground Access Improvements

Project name: SACL T1 Ground Access Improvements

Client: SACL

Value: $8M

Location: Sydney International Airport

Commencement: July 2014

Duration: 34 weeks

Overview: This project involved the creation of a more streamlined movement of traffic through the International Terminal Carpark

Scope of works:

  • Demolition of existing concrete structures, entry and exit gates, etc.
  • Installation of electrical, communication and stormwater services
  • Excavation and construction of new pavements
  • Construction of concrete kerbing, median islands, footings and slabs
  • Erection of awning and gantry structures, street lighting and signage
  • Milling and re-sheeting of existing areas and asphalting of new pavements
  • Linemarking
  • Turing and landscaping