Tyne Container Services Driveway Construction

Project name: Tyne Container Services Driveway Construction

Client: Tyne Container Services

Value: $0.5M

Location: Simblist Road, Port Botany

Duration: 6 weeks

Commencement: March 2016

Overview: Construction of a 2,200m2 driveway for Tyne Container Services provided a stabilised path for container trucks to travel through site to be loaded and unloaded by the onsite container lift.

Works had to be conducted in stages to allow for the current flow of traffic to be uninterrupted during construction. The works were completed 3 weeks earlier than scheduled.

Scope of works:

  • Profiling the existing gravel base driveway 150mm and placing fibre reinforced concrete
  • The current exit gate driveway was widened
  • New lockable security gate installed