Sydney Metro West WTP (Western Tunnel Package) involves 9km twin tunnels between Westmead and Olympic Park. Ward is delivering the civil infrastructure package for the Clyde Maintenance & Stabling Facility including earthworks, retaining structures, drainage and utilities corridors at Clyde.

Scope of Works//

  • Temporary works: multiple elements including sheet piling and a temporary ‘bailey bridge’ across the river, to enable the efficient transfer of suitable spoil from the tunnels across to the MSF for processing or placement
  • Demolition: mechanical demolition of 15 property lots including buildings, industrial warehouses, concrete and bitumen facilities, up to 120,000m2 pavement removal and hazardous material management and removal
  • Combined utility corridor, located immediately on the outside of the Clyde MSF retaining wall (essential realignment of five major utilities outside of the future MSF footprint): two 1200 steel watermain (900 linear meters), underground and overhead electrical asset adjustments involving Ausgrid & Endeavour Energy, gas adjustments and installation involving Jemena Gas, recycled water adjustments and installation
  • Retaining Walls: 900m of retaining wall around the perimeter of Clyde MSF
  • F Type barriers and fencing installation
  • Stormwater: 2.8km of RCPs, with supplementary stormwater infrastructure including RCBCs (box culverts) pits, headwalls and GPTs (Gross Pollutant Traps)
  • Bulk Earthworks: extensive cut and fill operation with a net excess of 500,000m3 of a fill operation into Clyde to raise the ground level, effectively flood proofing the future facility
  • Temporary and permanent retention basins
  • Ongoing management of contamination and remediation
  • Environmental and ecology management
  • Community management – vibration and noise