Ward widened Delhi Road to a two-lane configuration, extending 920m eastbound from the M2 Motorway intersection to enable additional road capacity for the emerging mixed-use development, Lachlan’s Line. This was the first major roadworks project undertaken by Urban Growth NSW (now Infrastructure NSW).

Scope of Works//

  • Diversion of electrical and communications services
  • Preparation of management and construction plans
  • Implementation of traffic management plans and construction staging
  • Demolition and removal of existing pavements and stormwater drainage
  • Excavation and filling of subgrades
  • Construction of new stormwater drainage infrastructure and retaining wall
  • Construction of pavements, kerbs and gutters, and medians featuring rigid concrete and deep lift asphalt pavement
  • Resurfacing damaged asphaltic surfaces
  • Supply and erection of signs and bus stop shelters, installation of line marking, traffic signals and associated electrical trenches, conduits and pits
  • Reinstatement of roadside furniture disturbed by construction activities