Macpherson Street and Warriewood Road in Warriewood were upgraded by Ward to address flooding issues and cater for a predicted increase in traffic volumes. Macpherson Street, which frequently experienced overtopping by floodwaters due to its low-lying elevation, now functions as a new flood evacuation route over Narrabeen Creek.

Scope of Works//

  • Upgrade and raise height of Macpherson Street
  • Replacement of a culvert with a pre-cast concrete model comprising five crown units (3.6m x 1.2m) and four link slabs
  • Construction of a new roundabout
  • Upgrade of Warriewood Road between Vuko Place and Macedon Place
  • Reconstruction of domestic, commercial and Sydney Water access driveways and their associated retaining structures
  • Underground and overhead electricity supply and telecommunication lines
  • Relocation of underground gas, potable water and stormwater drainage services
  • Stabilisation, rehabilitation and re-vegetation upstream and downstream of the new multi-lane bridge
  • Construction of a creek line transition from the undisturbed creek on upstream and downstream boundaries of creek stabilisation works
  • Construction of a new multi-lane bridge with driven piles