The project involved the design and construction of 43km of roads and foundations for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) on the North Brown Hill Windfarm, as well as substation civil works. The site was located on private properties in rural South Australia and covered 38km2, requiring interface with various stakeholders and property owners.

Scope of Works//

  • Cut to fill of 225,000m3 of earth, including associated drainage and revegetation of disturbed areas
  • Construction of lay down areas, typically 20,000m2 with 800m2 crane hardstands at each WTG location
  • Design and construction of reinforced concrete foundations for 63no WTGs which were post tensioned and rock anchored
  • Levell packers for installation of 125m WTGs and subsequent precision grouting
  • Design and construction of Kiosk Transformer footings
  • Substation civil works, including detailed excavation of trenches and footings; construction of reinforced concrete pad footings and cable trenches using fiber-reinforced concrete; stormwater installation, including oil separator and rock-pitched batters; and installation of electrical conduits
  • Fabricate, drill, install, grout and stress 504no permanent vertical strand anchors. Anchor sizes ranged from 20-22 strands (550-550T), and rock strength was >150mPa