Ward Dry Vac Up & Running

Last week saw Ward’s brand new Dry Vac Truck at our Parramatta Light Rail Project for its inaugural run.

The Dry Vac was used to excavate around existing subsurface services to allow for the installation of mature trees. It also assisted our Project Team with service location on site confirming the alignment of existing utilities.

This latest addition to Ward’s plant is not only incredibly efficient but also environmentally friendly. Not requiring water as part of the excavation process means that the Dry Vac does not generate any muddy waste. The excavated fill remains clean, allowing it to be repurposed without needing to be treated or dried out beforehand.

With little downtime, Ward’s new Dry Vac and Operator Nikos will no doubt be very busy in the coming months and are proving to be an excellent addition to the fleet.

In the coming weeks we will be receiving our second truck allowing Ward to take on even more projects heading into 2020.