Bulk Earthworks & Remediation//


Bulk earthworks

Our strong history in bulk excavations dates from Ward’s inception. Our excavation capabilities have continued throughout the company’s delivery portfolio over five decades. We have a passion to continue to be an industry leader in large and challenging bulk excavations for private and government clients.

Ward has undertaken projects up to 500,000m3 in size. Most of our deep excavations in Sydney city have been in sandstone bedrock. We also work in shale bedrock and granite bedrock in areas further west and south of the Sydney basin. Ward has successfully completed foundation works for developments which have included either structural piles and/or pad/strip footings into rock. In 2019 Ward completed the $80 million ‘top-down’ bulk excavation of contaminated materials (using an Australian first methodology) for Lendlease as part of its delivery of the Crown Sydney development.

Excavated materials are managed by our in-house team which specifically focuses on material classification, transport and disposal of material to approved receiving facilities. Waste tracking is an important element of the business. Ward has an excellent record in the management of spoil over many decades. Our experience gives clients the confidence that excavated material will be disposed of appropriately.

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Contaminated remediation

Every contaminated site is unique in terms of contaminant composition, geochemical characteristics, regulatory framework, sensitive receptors and client drivers. Ward has the experience to evaluate all these factors as potential opportunities and to offer a complete service for clients with a contaminated site issue.

Ward’s early involvement in the remediation process can result in major cost savings, as this allows our participation in the structure of the solution rather than only contributing to the delivery phase of the project. This approach can provide alternative, established and regulator-approved remediation options, including on-site soil and water treatment (in-situ and ex-situ), encapsulation, or groundwater barriers (engineered solutions). With a strong desire to operate sustainably and participate in the developing circular economy, Ward leverages in-house technical expertise and a comprehensive network of local service providers to maximise the beneficial reuse of resources such as recyclable waste.

Ward is an ASI Licensed Friable Asbestos Removal Contractor (Licence Number 204404 ASI), with multiple accredited supervisors attached to this licence.

Ward’s recent contaminated site projects include the on-site treatment and off-site disposal of asbestos impacted soils (bonded and friable), remediation of soils impacted with gaswork wastes and heavy metals, and the management of contaminated groundwater and PFAS in soils primarily on Department of Defence sites.

Ward’s experienced employees have delivered some of the largest and most technically challenging remediation projects in Sydney, including Homebush Bay and Barangaroo. We understand and appreciate the diligence required to effectively control all activities on a contaminated site and have established excellent relationships with Environmental Consultants and NSW EPA-Accredited Site Auditors. These relationships are essential for effective project planning, stakeholder engagement and streamlining project delivery. WHS and environmental staff are specifically trained and allocated to every project, to maintain the highest standards of health and safety and implement appropriate environmental controls.

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Ward is a fully licensed SafeWork NSW accredited Contractor for Restricted Demolition. We have several accredited Supervisors attached to this licence. We understand the need for diligence in the control of all activities on a demolition site.

Ward is also a registered demolition contractor under the Transport for NSW Registration Scheme for Construction Industry Contractors.

Utility identification and disconnection is a crucial element of the demolition process and Ward has extensive capability to support the demolition team. Waste management is also significant in demolition. Our experienced Supervisors are adept at material separation, encouraging sustainable waste minimisation and recycling maximisation.

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Ground engineering

Ward specialises in the design and construction of face stabilisation systems. These systems include temporary and permanent ground anchors, underpinning, grouting, micropiling and shotcreting.

Ward offers a range of ground anchors including the use of single and multi low-relaxation strand tendons, sand anchors, soil nails and rock bolts, providing up to 15,000kN capacity.

Ward’s face stabilisation systems have been used with great success in ground conditions as diverse as fragmented sandstone, compacted sands, stiff clays, marine mud and fractured shale. Our services include anchoring for hold-down applications, including crane bases and a specially designed post-tensioned base for wind farm structures.

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