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Ward Utilities provides a range of services in the utility investigation, mapping and non-destructive excavation sectors. These services include utility locating and surveys, laser scanning, utility mapping and modelling, and non-destructive excavation utilising our in-house fleet of dry vacuum excavation trucks.

Ward Utilities was developed to bridge the gap between each phase of a project – from investigation to design and finally to construction. This is done through creating and developing fully integrated and transparent 3D models in conjunction with reliable survey data to be shared throughout the life cycle of a project. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the integral role quality subsurface data plays in the successful design and delivery of any project.

With innovative technology, industry best practice, a fleet of non-destructive excavation trucks and experienced technicians, we save time and drive efficiencies. The data we provide supports feasibility studies, costings and design across a wide range of major projects.

Ward also has experience in installing electrical and communication services. We coordinate with various asset owners including Ausgrid, Telstra and Optus, so works are planned and completed efficiently and to the highest standard.

Utility locating and surveying

Ward’s team of experienced professionals provides innovative underground detection and survey services to accurately locate utilities. All utility investigations are completed by Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) certified technicians.

Our technicians use a combination of state-of-the-art Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) to detect and map buried utilities quickly and accurately. All data can be shared in numerous formats compatible with most third-party software packages.

All our services are performed in accordance with quality levels as per Australian Standard AS5488-2019 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information.

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Mobile laser scanning

Ward’s industry-leading laser scanning and mobile mapping services quickly capture highly accurate geospatial data in an efficient manner. We use precision technology to collect field data. This is used to map infrastructure projects, providing reliable inputs for site and design dimensions.

Vehicles fitted with LiDAR cameras and sensor technology provide 360-degree imaging, which is vital for the development of any Building Information Model (BIM). Laser scanning also captures 3D point cloud data. This data, combined with base station survey information ensures full and accurate coverage of the desired area.

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Digital engineering – 3D models & BIM

Ward’s sophisticated modelling and visualisation capabilities provides clients with a high degree of confidence when planning, designing, and constructing major projects.

Through CAD modelling, Ward’s clients benefit from intelligent, highly accurate 3D models which support efficient project planning, design and costings.

Our specialist Geographic Information Systems (GIS) partners provide expertise in layering satellite imagery with data, maps and diagrams, providing clear and rich visualisations of information.

BIMs create valuable insights to support decision making at every stage of a project. These models can test the performance of a design, leading to significant positive outcomes and cost savings.

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Ward dry and wet vacs

Ward Utilities has a fleet of both dry and wet excavation trucks to undertake various forms of non-destructive excavation.

Designed and engineered in Germany, Ward dry vacs are the most sophisticated form of vacuum excavation truck available in the world. Our trucks use powerful dry suction without touching pipes or cables, enabling a high degree of sensitivity in excavation and the protection of underground assets. As dry vacs do not require water for the excavation process, they do not generate any muddy waste. The excavated fill remains clean, allowing it to be repurposed without the need to be treated or dried out beforehand.

Using Ward dry vac technology, we reduce water use and pollution, enable substantially shorted construction periods, create less traffic interference, provide greater protection for underground assets and our workers, provide dust-free excavation and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our dry and wet vac operators hold a wealth of knowledge from years of educational on-site experience. They offer technical and procedural assistance to clients through their ability to read and interpret drawings, develop potholing reports and risk assessments.

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