Sydney University Civil Engineers Industry Night

Last week WARD’s Brian Mahon and Michael Wright were joined by Oriana Senese from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services and Josephine Taylor from Icon, to host WARD’s Industry Night for the University of Sydney‘s Civil Engineering society, Sydney University Civil Engineers (SUCE). This wealth of industry experience provided a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from senior industry representatives.

Oriana and Michael detailed WARD’s 2023 MBA award winning project with Greater Sydney Parklands – Wylde BMX and Mountain Trail Bike Relocation and New Access Road.  Josephine then delivered an engaging presentation on workplace culture and the Construction Industry Culture Taskforce.

WARD is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Sydney University Civil Engineering Society, promoting student engagement with industry. To complement academic study, engagement with industry teaches students the importance of strong client/contractor relations and the benefits of planning, process and collaboration, for successful project management.

Thank you to our speakers for sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for the industry, to help shape the next generation of civil engineers.