Unlocking the Future: Why Choose Civil Engineering at University?

2023 HSC Results are out!

The world of Civil Engineering is an absolute game-changer!

Shape the world: Civil Engineers build the foundations of our society – from bridges and roads to skyscrapers.

Solve problems: Civil Engineering is all about problem-solving. The discipline demands adeptness at identifying and innovatively addressing substantive challenges inherent to real-world scenarios.

Be a Sustainability Champion: For those with a passion for environmental responsibility, Civil Engineering provides a platform to contribute to sustainable infrastructure, ensuring a lasting impact on our world.

Engage in Diverse Opportunities: From examining structural design intricacies to navigating the complexities of transportation planning, Civil Engineering offers a diverse range of professional paths. There’s a niche for every aspiring Engineer.

WARD partners with faculties and student societies at some of Australia’s major Universities, University of SydneyUniversity of Technology Sydney and UNSW; Ward also offers undergraduate positions and a graduate program for Civil Engineers.

WARD contributes to Women in Engineering and IT Scholarships and supports young Engineers with specifically designed on-the-job training to enhance professional knowledge. WARD offers exciting career paths.

Ready to build the future? Consider Civil Engineering at University!

Congratulations to this year’s graduating cohort on your achievements!