Ward-Mirvac Reunion: Sydney Olympic Park

CEO Julia Ward (fifth from the left), with GM-Remediation and Earthworks Steve Green (fourth from the right), attend the opening of SOPA Site 53, alongside members of Mirvac.

Commencing this week, Ward will be involved in a two-part project at the Sydney Olympic Park, Site 53. Stage One will see the demolition of existing buildings and USTs; bulk excavation beginning in Stage Two with the removal of 90,000 m3 of material, across an area of 8,000 m2. Civil works will continue throughout the second stage, with the design and construction of shoring using piles, anchors and shotcrete, as well as the implementation of foundation piles around the perimeter of the site. Ward is excited to again be working alongside long-term client Mirvac, the latter finalizing works on the site with the erection of four residential towers. Remember to check back regularly for further updates on project milestones!