WXSTEM visit site!

Last week WARD hosted first year students from the UTS WXSTEM society at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for a site visit. the students were briefed on the project works and WARD’s Environment Manager Rowan Grace spoke on the use of technologies to minimise the impact on the environment and provide improved sustainability outcomes.

WXSTEM promotes community-focused social, professional, and academic support by enabling equitable experiences for women and Non-Binary people in STEM through a blend of social and industry-specific events.

WARD is proud of its ongoing partnership with University of Technology Sydney and
UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, supporting several initiatives to encourage more young people to choose a degree in the field of engineering, as well as to encourage greater diversity in engineering and construction.

Thanks to the group from WXSTEM for coming on site, and to the WARD site team for showing them around!